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The Daily Hilario: Reset, recover, regroup

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Nice hair, Oscar.
Nice hair, Oscar.
Richard Heathcote

It's a new day, a new week, a new you. Wait, it's the same old you? That sucks.

In other news...

The Final Four is set | SB Nation
A seven and an eight-seed, too? What is this sorcery? Oh, it's the NBA's Kentucky franchise and their #1 recruiting class. Still sticking by my original pick of Florida winning it all.

Baseball's back! | MLB
Time to start the annual ritual of the Mariners sucking the joy out of the universe.

One player helps save another player's life in the Ukranian Premier League | SB Nation
You may have already seen or heard of this, but it's pretty amazing.

At the opposite end of the spectrum: a dark day for Swedish football | The Local
Fans are the worst.

What was Tim Sherwood doing on the phone in the middle of the game? | Cartilage Free Captain
Comments feature one of the greatest uses of the Yes, This is Dog meme.

The Sun prints something true, gets banned for it by Sunderland | Roker Report
Shades of the Jose Mourinho - Canal Plus thing. Walter Sobchak could have some choice words here. Ethics, dude, ethics.

Ebola suspected and in a couple cases confirmed in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone deaths | Reuters
The dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor.  We will be wiped out by some super-mutated, resistant to everything strain of airborne virus.

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
18.00: Serie A, 14th vs. 20th: Udinese vs. Catania
20.00: Premier League, 19th vs. 11th: Sunderland vs. West Ham United
20.00: Serie A, 18th vs. 5th: Livorno vs. Internazionale

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