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Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea: Second half discussion

Boring, boring Chelsea

Scott Heavey

45 minutes are in the books, and the most interesting thing to discuss during the first half was probably Chelsea's amazing all-white kits. While chances have existed, they've been relatively few and far between, and the defending has been just good enough to keep this match scoreless.

In fairness to our opponents, they've been mostly excellent throughout the first half. Chelsea haven't been particularly poor, but they don't really look like they have any sort of clue about what they need to do in order to break this Tony Pulis coached side down. This is the point where Jose Mourinho earns his paycheck, as we can expect Palace to come out of the tunnel with the exact same approach, so it's all on Chelsea to adapt and destroy.

Unfortunately, this is looking like yet another match in which our collective patience will wear awfully thin. Cross your fingers, hope for a goal, keep things civil, and don't link any illegal streams. Go Blues!

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