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The Daily Hilario: Thursday? More like worst day...

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with a case of the Thursdays.

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Ugh, Thursdays.

Spare me.

Back to killing demons it is.

At least the Sweet Sixteen is here.

In other news...

UEFA Nations League coming in 2018 | UEFA
Probably a step in the right direction.  Maybe.

There's a 'soccer' longform on the front page of SB Nation! | SB Nation
Something, something, football rivalries do exist in the USA. It's a bit over the top, but it's a good read.

We're gonna need the Fifth Element again! | Science 2.0
Astronomers discover a second planet just beyond the edge of the Solar System.

Sacramento makes national news because people can't drive | CBS 13
This was a couple days ago, but it's making the Internet rounds now. A gentle reminder to STOP STARING AT CAR CRASHES. In related news, this guy ("the man inside the house") sits next to me at work. In further sobering news, Paul Walker's death was indeed speed related. Speeding is bad, but 93 in a 45 is just stupid.

An inside source claims MH 370 was no accident | USA Today
Unsurprising development, I suppose.

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
19.45: Serie A, 5th vs. 14th: Internazionale vs. Udinese

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