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Watch Patrick Bamford score Chelsea's 100th loanee goal of the season

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Chelsea have plenty of loanees scattered across Europe at the moment, and naturally they're scoring a lot of goals. On Tuesday, they finally racked up a century, with Patrick Bamford taking the 100th just ahead of Romelu Lukaku. As you can see in the video above, Bamford scored Derby County's opener against Ipswich Town, his 23rd goal of the season split between MK Dons and the Rams.

Granted, Derby lost, so I'm not sure that Bamford is too happy with how yesterday went, but we're far more interested in the development of our players than in the fate of their loan teams, and I don't think it's possible to be more pleased with the way the season's progressing for Bamford. Although I don't think he's ready for the Premier League just yet (a first-half loan to a Championship team followed up by a Janaury move upwards seems like a good bet to me), he's rapidly establishing himself as a serious prospect.