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Want to watch Nemanja Matic help beat down Arsenal? Of course you do

It's somewhat embarrassing to admit that I was a little skeptical of the Nemanja Matic purchase. Not skeptical enough to think it was a bad idea or anything, but I didn't think he'd make this much of an impact this quickly. Never has being wrong been more fun.

Although Matic has had a couple of games where he hasn't been an awe-inspiring force in midfield, he's been a commanding presence there far more often than not, and that culminated in his performance in the hilarious 6-0 beatdown of Arsenal on Saturday. Granted, a lot of that was because the Gunners fielded a paper-thin midfield against the twin wrecking balls of Matic and David Luiz, but you can only beat what's been put in front of you, and Matic beat it to a pulp.

Six minutes of individual highlights? Yes please.

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