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Which Arsenal player wants to defect to Chelsea after the 6-0 mauling?

My favourite kind of transfer stories are the 'sources close to [club]' ones, especially those penned by the Daily Mail. Here is what a source close to Inter Milan has to say about Arsenal right back Bacary Sagna, whom the Serie A club are apparently interested in signing:

The impression that came out of the talks was that Sagna and his wife are settled in London and want to stay there. He is hoping Arsenal come up with an acceptable offer, but there is interest from other Premier League clubs. We are hearing Chelsea and Tottenham.

Source: Mail.

Last I checked, both Chelsea and Spurs are pretty well set at right back -- the Blues have two players significantly better than Sagna in the squad at the moment -- so this rumour or whatever you want to call it only makes sense to me if it's a case of Sagna stringing Inter along while trying to coerce Arsenal into giving him as much money as possible.

That said, after the mauling we gave Arsenal on Saturday, it'd be hard to blame Sagna for wanting to jump ship, right? If you can't beat them, try to join them. It's just a shame for him that he's not good enough to make it here.

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