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Is Thibaut Courtois really set to sign a new contract?

The Mirror (or, at least, the Mirror's subeditors) are adding to the confusion around Thibaut Courtois' future by claiming that the young goalkeeper is set to sign a new five-year contract with Chelsea this summer. That would obviously be huge news, if true -- if the Blues can get the 21-year-old secured through 2019, we're in great shape at goalkeeper for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, it seems that 'Thibaut Courtois to return to Chelsea next season and sign a new five-year contract' is somewhat more aggressive than the content demands. If you go into the report itself, you'll simply find suggestions that Chelsea are prepared to offer the goalkeeper an extension. Which is not the same as saying he'll definitely sign one.

Offering Courtois a new contract is a no-brainer. Of course Chelsea are prepared to give someone regarded as one of Europe's best at 21 years old a new deal; of course they'll want to keep him under control as long as possible. What matters right now is what it will take for Courtois to sign, and frankly until someone reports on his intentions, the situation will remain extraordinarily murky.

He might sign a new deal -- he probably will, in my opinion -- but right now this isn't news.

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