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Continue the party by imbibing Arsene Wenger's post-match quotes

When was the last time we had a win like this one. We've had huge wins against good sides and we've had blowout wins against more or less everyone else, but I'm pretty sure that the last time Chelsea humiliated a decent side like this Chris Sutton was on the scoresheet. 6-0 against Arsenal represents Jose Mourinho's record win with Chelsea, ties Arsene Wenger's record loss with Arsenal, and is their biggest defeat against us in our 107-year history.

So let's enjoy it some more by drinking in the post-game comments.

It was a nightmare and I take full responsibility for it. The players are deeply disappointed, as we all are. When you don't turn up in a game of this stature – nobody takes that easily.

Source: Guardian.

By the way, that quote wasn't from the post-match press conference. Wenger skipped out on that one because he was worried about missing the team bus home. I gather that the many goal celebrations made the match a little longer than expected; certainly, we can't possibly imply that the Gunners boss was simply too ashamed of his team to turn up on camera.

No, this isn't the most gracious way to handle demolishing some rather sad opposition 6-0. But screw being gracious right now -- we just torched Arsenal and it is delicious.

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