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Liverpool's Sturridge has some curious things to say about Fernando Torres

Daniel Sturridge has been talking plenty about his departure from Chelsea as of late. With his scintillating form for Liverpool, he's well within his rights to do so -- since joining the Reds he's become one of the top strikers in English football, and when you're that good you can say what you want. Comments about losing his fire and passion for the game after being consigned to a bench role are, of course, to be expected. What's surprising is this little tidbit:

[Torres] always spoke very highly about Liverpool. When we were at Chelsea together he would say, 'Liverpool are amazing'. It wasn’t just him -- it was Yossi Benayoun as well. They both said, 'That club is the best I have played for’.

-Source: ESPN.

It's difficult to know what to make of that quote, but, assuming Sturridge isn't simply lying (which is entirely plausible) it's definitely not a good look for either Yossi Benayoun or Fernando Torres. Considering the ridiculous amount of support Torres has received from the fans at Chelsea... well, I would read that as a slap in the face. But then again, I've long been accused of bias on this front.

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