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Andre Schurrle understands that football is about trolling Arsenal

After his hattrick at Craven Cottage last month, Andre Schurrle can probably regarded as something of a London derby specialist. But it's not just goals that fans want to see (although goals are important) -- attitude matters as well. Specifically, a willingness to troll both Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur is a vital part of being a Chelsea player. Willian had that one nailed down from the moment he signed with us, and Schurrle's catching up:

Derbies, especially for the fans, are very important, which then makes it important for us to make sure we win it for them! We want them to be able to walk through the city and then when they see a Tottenham or Arsenal supporter they can say, "Oh, we won against you!" It gives them a better feeling.


It's nice to have players who recognise that their role is to help us be as annoying to everyone else as possible. Win us games and then let the fans revel in everyone else's sadness. Sport is about schadenfreude, after all -- trust a German to be aware of that.

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