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At play in the Garden of Eden: watch Hazard toy with the Galatasaray defense

My god, it's full of stars.

I feel a bit like Dave Bowman at the end of 2001: Space Odyssey with one key difference: I'm observing the birth of a Star Child rather being turned into one. Just the same, I'm not quite able to adequately describe what it is that I'm seeing. I have no words! But I do know is that it's glorious and it's happening right in front of my face.

So here's Eden Hazard doing next level Eden Hazard things against Galatasaray on Tuesday.

Two moments to watch for:

  1. Around the four-minute mark is the sequence where he breaks the defender's ankles twice in quick succession, yet still fails to create the goal. A shot after he beats his man the first time or a pass to Samuel Eto'o right after he beats his man for the second time are almost guaranteed to at least put not-so-assured Muslera to a stern test. What we got instead was a pass behind Eto'o who made the good choice to lay it off to Oscar who then did his own Hazard impression of making the unnecessary extra move. The sequence is the perfect example of what Hazard needs to improve on to become Messi- or Cristiano Ronaldo-level.
  2. Just before the six-minute mark is where his ex-Lille teammate Aurelien Chedjou, world renowned anti-sockite, laid waste to Hazard's right ankle. I'm sure it's just another day at the office for Eden's ankles and socks, but I'm getting sympathy pangs just looking at that.

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