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Turns out Chelsea did indeed break Pep Guardiola's Barcelona

David Ramos

It's been almost two years but I don't think any Chelsea fan has come close to forgetting the second leg of our Champions League semifinal against Barcelona. It was overshadowed, of course, by victory in the final, but that match had everything. Brilliant goals, stout defending, missed penalties, revenge for the injustice of 2009 -- what more could you possibly want?

How about permanently breaking up the opposing team?

[The Chelsea defeat] was a moment of great sadness -- as if suddenly someone had switched the floodlights off. We were better than our opponents but in the second leg conceded an unnecessary goal and the next thing we knew we were out of the competition.

That was a very hard defeat for me. I had the feeling that I was no longer able to reach my team, and if you can no longer reach your players then it is time to move on.

-Pep Guardiola. Source: Audi Annual Report via ESPN.

Try not to giggle too much at that quote.

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