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Confident and in control, Chelsea are ready to face anyone in the Champions League final eight

Mike Hewitt

In the end, it's quite alright that Tuesday night didn't exactly live up to the hype. After days, if not weeks, of nothing but Drogba, it was Samuel Eto'o who grabbed the all-important first goal in the fourth minute instead and Chelsea never looked back from there.

"It was a very good performance, very solid, very compact, no fears and a very good approach to the game. [...] The team was very solid and confident and very much in control for the 90 minutes which is difficult to do."

"The 2-0 kept the game alive to the end but the way we played was very solid so even with the score 2-0 we were very much in control and had the best chances to score again. Probably the result could have been much bigger because we were much better than Galatasaray."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Twenty shots (nine on target) to three (zero on target) tell the whole story. While Chelsea's front four, supported by a very good Frank Lampard, created chance after chance, Drogba struck a lonely, isolated figure who failed to stand out from an entirely subpar and subdued Galatasaray side. Mourinho attributed that to a lack of supply, though perhaps we're just seeing time finally catch up to the man who once could dominate entire teams just by himself.

Unlike Mancini's seasoned veterans (just two starters under 27), Mourinho's little horses (five starters under 27) have time on their side and are seemingly back on the right track after the disappointment of the weekend.

"All the big candidates to win the competition are there in the draw and I welcome anyone of them. It will be good for our evolution as a team to play the best and we wait for the draw, it doesn't matter who."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Well that's nice. But I'd rather just take the winner of Manchester United vs. Olympiakos. We can ramp the difficulty level later.

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