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Mourinho avoids FA charge over post-game comments

Mike Hewitt

Jose Mourinho's post-game press conference after the Aston Villa defeat was laced -- and not unreasonably so -- with anger over referee Chris Foy's performance. For the second time in three years, Foy had contrived to reduce Chelsea to nine men in a 1-0 loss, and... well let's just say I wouldn't have avoided a heavy fine from the FA had I been in his shoes. But Mourinho, to his credit, managed to toe the 'I'm about to get in trouble' line but not cross it.

That's not to say he'll get off scot free over Saturday's fiasco, however. Although he's not going to face any discipline for what he said to the cameras, Mourinho did manage to get himself sent to the stands during the final moments of the game while arguing the Ramires red card, and the FA would be well within their rights (although possibly not still within the realms of sane governance) to charge him with leaving his technical area.

Maybe they should build a fence or something. Or a big glass box with loudspeakers.

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