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Mourinho: Didier Drogba 'has to' return to Chelsea one day

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Due to my inability to transcend time zones and to be in more than one place at any one time, I don't often get to watch José Mourinho's live press conferences. Thanks to prime-time European nights however, today was an exception.

Ostensibly set to start at 7pm local time, Mourinho started speaking a few minutes early. The club's YouTube link went live fifteen minutes later. And still nobody's ever accused Chelsea of being on the forefront of football-technologies.

Not that the wait was really worth it. Questions of the hardly essential, topics of the hilariously inconsequential kind dominated the minutes. There was further sniping between Mourinho and Mancini, there were repeats of post-Aston Villa inquiries (especially about the absolutely irrelevant-to-the-result-that-day Ramires red card), and there were plenty of Didier Drogba questions. One of the latter provided the only semi-interesting moment.

Asked whether he'd want Drogba back at Stamford Bridge after the Ivorian's contract expires in the summer, the man who's responsible for bringing him here in the first place answered:

Now is not the right moment to speak about it. But I think he has to be back one day.

[But] that's not me, that's Chelsea's [decision]. I think it has to happen one day. When? I don't know. As a player; a coach; an ambassador; next year; five years; ten years? I don't know. It has to happen.

-José Mourinho

Drogba himself spoke to the media earlier as well and confirmed his love for the fans and the club. But just like three weeks ago, that won't stop him from trying to score and do his best for his current club.

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