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Yaya Toure talks about Mourinho, says Mourinho shouldn't talk about others

Mind gamed.

This is the worst quadruple ever!
This is the worst quadruple ever!
Alex Livesey

The quadruple has been halved.  Suddenly City are not so mighty.  The pressure is rising.  Mind games are afoot.  Someone's a bit antsy.  You've caught another one, José!

"I think he talks more than before, perhaps because the English press likes it."

"He is a coach and he must give respect a little bit. He is always talking about everyone and that is not the correct way. That is why Barcelona always beat Madrid when Mourinho was here."

-Yaya Touré; source: Marca via Daily Mail

So let me get this straight.  Yaya says that people should only talk about themselves then?  Presumably even when they're asked a direct question, as I'd assume Marca asked him about Mourinho?  Alllllrighty then...

But wait!  There's more.  It's apparently also in Mourinho's own interest to stop talking because his constant talking is why Barcelona always ("always") beat Madrid when Mourinho was there.  Well, ok, even if we are to go along with that, didn't Yaya just say that Mourinho's only talking so much more now than before because of the English press?  Was he talking to the English press in Madrid, too?  I'm so confused; it's almost as if he makes no logical sense whatsoever!

Rather than engaging, maybe you should just try to petulantly kick the question in the Achilles tendon or in the thigh next time, Yaya.  You seem much better at that.

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