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The Daily Hilario: Hilario > Hoddle; Champions League

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Smells like victory.

Charlie Crowhurst

Making history.

If we had to play the 2012 Champions League 100 times, we probably don't win it 98 or 99 times out of those 100. But the one time, the one time the stars aligned, we did. Inspired no doubt by such history, all y'all did the impossible yesterday and beat the Morning Hoddle... by well over 100 comments, even. We might lose the next 99, but we won yesterday. CHAMPIONS OF OFF-TOPIC! Suck it, Hoddle!

In other news...

Watch all 11 teasers for the new Fargo TV series | The Verge
The Coens are overseeing the production so there's hope that at least some of the movie's dark humor translates over to the ten-part miniseries about a "true crime" set in that world. The main leads look great with Bad Santa, Dr. Watson, and Saul Goodman.

Fascinating article on Rio, the Olympics, the past, and the future | New York Times
All the new construction is unearthing a tremendous amount of architectural treasures, especially from the dark days of the slave-trade, much of which was centered on Rio, the capital of the colony then the empire. Many are criticizing that the responsible authorities (perhaps in an effort to keep things on schedule or just trying to avoid the issue altogether) aren't doing enough to pay respects, to preserve, and to commemorate this important history.

At least they didn't make the section pink | SB Nation
Man City's website launched a new "City Woman" page, which is supposedly geared towards their female fan base. And then they loaded it up with tips about cooking, working out, and raffles for One Direction tickets. Welcome to the 1950s! Which does remind me: Dearest Chelsea, can we start making official women's merchandise that aren't predominantly pink? Thanks much.

Pardew gets seven games for caressing a player with his forehead | SB Nation
In case you missed it.

MLS referees hit back at the replacement refs | SB Nation
Or something. Here's a question: you know how you can tell a replacement referee from an MLS referee? Answer: you can't; they're both bad. Suck it, MLS refs. Also, improve your PDF/flyer-making skills please. This isn't middle school.

Juan Mata to Moyes: 'I'm not a winger' | ESPN

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
19.45: Champions League, Round of 16 second leg: Barcelona vs. Manchester City (2-0 agg.)
19.45: Champions League, Round of 16 second leg: PSG vs. Bayer Leverkusen (4-0 agg.)

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