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Report: New contract coming for Ivanovic

Scott Heavey

Branislav Ivanovic is being offered a new four-year contract, according to the Daily Mail. The 30-year-old fullback's current deal expires in 2016, which means it's about time to talk extension unless Chelsea want to go year-to-year (which they might, considering Ivanovic's age). According to the paper, the Serbian is 'keen to stay' at Stamford Bridge, where he's looking at a raise on his £120,000 per week wage.

Which strikes me as pretty odd, because I'm pretty sure he's on something like half that sum, which is one of the reasons he's so valuable. If he's currently getting paid well north of six figures per week, then a four-year deal, which would expire in 2018, makes less sense, and I don't understand why Chelsea would tie themselves down to such a huge contract when they've demonstrated in the past that they don't like giving big contract extensions to players on the wrong side of 30.

My best guess is the contract talks are real but that the Mail have made a whoopsie in terms of Ivanovic's wages. We'll find out soon enough, one supposes.

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