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Celebrate Chelsea FC's birthday with a cheesy video about the East Stand

As you've probably heard by now, today is Chelsea Football Club's official birthday. A sprightly 109 we turned today, or, as Mourinho would say, half an Eto'o. If you ask me, we don't look a day over 10 years old. Must be something to do with all those swims we take in our silos of cold, hard gold coins a la Scrooge McDuck.

Chelsea first applied to the Southern League, which at the time was the premier football competition in the South of England. Our application was rejected thanks to the objections of Fulham and Spurs (boo!) and so we ended up in the second division of the Football League, which was much more established in the North of England. They did have a few southern teams, including (Woolwich) Arsenal, Leyton Orient (née Clapton Orient), and Bristol City, though Arsenal especially were struggling with interest and attendances due to the lack of any relevant rivalries and local match-ups. Chelsea, with strong financial backing from Gus Mears, managed to avoid that and became very popular thanks in part to their stylish play. Though I think everybody just wanted to see the giant of a man that was Fatty Foulke in goal.

Chelsea won promotion to the First Division in just their second year. And the rest, as they say, is history. Wait what? History?!

Happy Birthday, Chelsea Football Club!

NB: Video via Famous CFC.

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