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The Daily Hilario: Case closed

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Now with less True Detective.

Jan Kruger

And thus ends True Detective, season 1.

Holy... Wow.

Also, THIS SONG (from the end credits; spoilers).

Time to start the rewatch then, I guess (if HBO GO is back yet; all the demand crashed the service).  Fortunately, only one month to go until Game of Thrones is back.

In other news...

I'd like to see Aaron Hunt do this when his team aren't winning 2-0 in the 75th minute | SB Nation
Give that man a sportsmanship award blah blah blah blah blah blah. Spare me.

We have to be careful; soon they'll rename it the Wigan Cup or something equally unseemly. Next year, Jose, we've got to put our name back on it. Meanwhile, we can only hope that this proves to be truly a demoralizing loss for City, soon to be followed by another one on Wednesday at the Camp Nou. COME ON YOU FOOTBALL GODS; grant me this wish!

Wichita State remains perfect (34-0) as they win MVC Championship | Yahoo!
Tough luck, Indiana State, but it's nice to see you back amongst the almost-relevant. Meanwhile, speaking of Terre Haute, Rose-Hulman made it into the D3 men's tournament only to get spanked by some other random D3 school. Boo.

The crash (?) of Malaysia Air Flight 370 just gets more mysterious by the day | CNN
Stolen passports, unidentified passengers... what is going on here?

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
19.00: La Liga, 13th vs. 16th: Osasuna vs. Malaga
21.00: La Liga, 6th vs. 19th: Real Sociedad vs. Rayo Vallecano

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