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And now a story about David Luiz reading a bedtime story to Bernard


As if there was any doubt that David Luiz is just about the greatest teammate ever, here's a story straight off the party plane.

David Luiz is teasing Bernard. He has been from the moment he realised his mate was ready to get some sleep on the long flight to Johannesburg.

He begins by literally tucking the 21-year-old 5'5" Shakhtar star into bed. Once he's deemed the fit sufficiently snug, Luiz starts singing him a lullaby. By the time he takes out a book to begin reading aloud Bernard's ‘bedtime story', Chelsea team-mates Willian and Oscar are laughing hysterically.

-source: Goal

Apparently David Luiz decided to adopt wee little Bernard as his personal, life-size (err, near life-size) Tamagotchi during the Brazilian national team's journey down and back from South Africa this past week.

"Bernard is like my little brother."

"When he first came into the squad I told him I'd help him and protect him. It's part of my job as Brazil's second captain.  He has a great heart, we have a great relationship and we always have fun."

-David Luiz; source: Goal

Now, don't confuse things.  He's not assistant to the captain, he's the assistant captain.

The rest of the interview sheds further light on the awesomeness that is David Luiz, a man with nothing to fear and only joy in his heart.  You should read it.

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