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Frank Lampard answers all your burning questions and then some

Julian Finney

I think most of us are quite familiar with Frank Lampard's story. His upbringing, his career, his dealings with managers and media, and his life on and off the pitch have been covered many times in many places. And yet, all the answers he gives in a new interview posted by FourFourTwo feel fresh and candid, despite the fact that the actual interview was conducted several months ago.

Maybe it's that he's answering fans' questions that were sent in to the magazine or maybe it's just that all the answers are in one place; regardless, you'd be well-advised to give them a click. It may just be the best ten minutes you spend reading all day.

Some highlights:

First season here I did OK, and then I did a lot better in the second season. But when Roman arrived, I looked round and thought 'the big boys are starting to arrive now'. There was Claude Makelele and Juan Sebastian Veron - it seemed like every day they were signing a new midfielder! I can remember sitting on the bench for our first Champions League game that season next to John and Eidur and thinking, "I'm not sure I like this Chelsea revolution!"

That 2004-05 was my best up to that point, it was an arrival for me and we won the league. But actually, when I look back, my best season was in the Scolari and Guus Hiddink year, 2008-09, we got to the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona and should have won it, but did win the FA Cup. I reckon that would rival any year.

...I can remember going back to Upton Park about seven years ago and a really overweight woman stood up in the chicken run and shouted "Fat Frank" at me. That was the moment where I realised this was getting ridiculous, so I just laugh at it now. There are a lot of really nasty things fans say to players, stuff about personal and family issues, and I don't like that at all, but I am more than happy with "Fat Frank".

As club captain, John had every right to be there [to lift the trophy]. To miss just one game and then not deserve to get the Cup would have been ridiculous. It was up to him, and he deserved that moment. As for Bosingwa, he obviously knew what he was doing as he is in all the pictures! That is typical Bosingwa, that's fine, I'm not bothered about that.

I bet Bosingwa throws all the best parties. Especially when MRLSH is also around.

If you haven't already, hopefully that was enough to whet your appetite to read the rest of Super Frank's thoughts on family, football, future management career, Jose Mourinho, Roman's yacht, and Branislav Ivanovic winning all the hypothetical fistfights.

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