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Chelsea vs. Newcastle United: Second Half Thread

Two goals to the good at the Garden of Eden.

Make 'em say whooooaaaah...
Make 'em say whooooaaaah...
Mike Hewitt

Welcome to the Eden show.

It's been kind of an even affair.  Maybe?  Sort of?  Newcastle certainly are playing better than last weekend, though that's not saying much.  Chelsea certainly are playing worse than on Monday, but again, that's not saying much.

The biggest difference between the two teams has been Eden Hazard.  And Samuel Eto'o, to a lesser extent.  And Nemanja Matic as well.  And probably a few others, but those three have been the standouts for me.

Hazard's brace is the difference, both goals coming with the right foot, which is usually the one that does placement (left = power; right = accuracy).  The second, especially was a scintillating counter attack, with a lovely Eto'o back heel providing the official assist.  Ivanovic got the assist on the first one.  We'll call it a cross just to be generous.  Both final balls came from a 1-2 initiated by Hazard - hard to beat a well-executed 1-2 for visual entertainment.

So, two goals to the good and looking quite comfortable.  A third would settle things beyond all doubt.  So let's get it.


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