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The Daily Hilario: Olympics, Day 1; Matchweek 25

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Welcome to the new tradition.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

So I don't about you, but I actually quite liked those opening ceremonies. I'm no expert on Russian history, so some of it was confusing (thanks for barely helping out beyond Cold War references and general dismissive attitudes towards the country's history and culture, NBC), but I did find most of it impressive and well done (except for the ring malfunction oopsie).

But perhaps I'm just sucker for powerful renditions of the Russian anthem, giant floating displays, and cutting-edge, large-scale projection tech. Throw in a bit of Tchaikovsky and TRON and ballet and Russian literature, and we've got a winner in my book. Props to NBC for actually putting their tape delay and editing to good use and showing us ALL the countries during the Parade of Nations. But for whatever reason, they didn't show the awesome Russian Police Choir rendition of "Get Lucky." But why?? (Sadly, they made an even more egregious edit or two, as Deadspin uncovered.)

In other news...

Hero guide dog receives medal at Knicks game | SB Nation
Awwww. Good boy.

SB Nation's Winter Olympics 2014 Hub | SB Nation
Today, we've got women's hockey, 10k biathlon sprint, a bit of luge, some ski jumping, and many more.

The most amazing magic luger of all time | NBC Olympics
India may be suspended by the IOC but they still win ALL the Winter Olympics. Congratulations!

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
12.45: Premier League, 4th vs. 1st: Liverpool vs. Arsenal
15.00: Championship, 1st vs. 13th: Leicester City vs. Watford
15.00: Premier League, 10th vs. 18th: Aston Villa vs. West Ham United
15.00: Premier League, 3rd vs. 8th: Chelsea vs. Newcastle United (hey, that's us!)
15.00: Premier League, 17th vs. 16th: Crystal Palace vs. West Bromwich Albion
15.00: Premier League, 15th vs. 2nd: Norwich City vs. Manchester City
15.00: Premier League, 9th vs. 11th: Southampton vs. Stoke City
15.00: Premier League, 14th vs. 13th: Sunderland vs. Hull City
17.30: Premier League, 12th vs. 19th: Swansea City vs. Cardiff City
19.45: Serie A, 3rd vs. 10th: Napoli vs. AC Milan

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