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Mourinho's ego claims another one as key Chelsea institution requests transfer

Steve Bardens

To be fair, they never stood a chance.  Mourinho's ego takes no prisoners.  Young or old, good or bad, in the Game of Mourinho there are only favorites and non-Mourinho-type players.  Juan Mata.  Kevin De Bruyne.  Romelu Lukaku.  Iker Casillas.  Future David Luiz.  Just a few of the names who have battled oh so naively.  And lost.

Now we can add another name to the list, and this one's a Chelsea institution that has become almost synonymous with the club.  It is understood that after being left out in the cold on Monday against Manchester City, this old soldier is "distraught" and "considering its future" with Stoke City supposedly willing to offer an escape route away from the clutches of evil, unfair José.

"It has always done everything asked of it, from parallel parking on a wet Tuesday night in Hull, to blocking the goalmouth like a vast force field of gears, metal and wipe-down leather seats."

"Parked buses have been the basic ingredient of every Mourinho team, and for him to leave it in the car park for the full ninety minutes is an appalling insult to a faithful servant."

-Agent; source: The Daily Mash

A veritable tragedy in the making.  Chelsea Bus, unparked.  Thanks Mourinho!  Way to ruin everything.  Again.

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