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In which Thibaut Courtois gets cranky at an uppity Liverpool goalkeeper

Denis Doyle

I missed whatever Simon Mignolet said to annoy Thibaut Courtois, but apparently it was to do with trying to unseat the Chelsea loanee as Belgium's number one goalkeeper. Which is a bit rude and a little bit arrogant, especially when one considers the number of errors the Liverpool man has been making recently. Rude enough, in fact, to bring a scathing response from Courtois:

In Spain, I hear no goalkeeper saying they're aiming for the place of Casillas. Not De Gea, not Valdes, not Reina. It's the opposite - they back Casillas.

Simon can say whatever he wants, but I think I've already saved enough points for Belgium and I'm playing good games for Atletico. He has to stay humble and respectful.

-Source: Sport/Foot via Sky Sports.

It's a little tempting to take the quotes as a hint that Courtois is more than a little bit entitled -- it would seem to take some serious temerity to declare yourself the default number one goalkeeper for Belgium before turning 22, after all. But the fact of the matter is that he is already one of the best goalkeepers in Europe and he's certainly the top dog in the Belgium hierarchy, so he's not wrong to be a little miffed at Mignolet if his compatriot was indeed taking aim at him.

That said, it would probably have been a little more gracious if he hadn't risen to the bait. Ah well.

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