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Four in, three out for Chelsea's Champions League campaign

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UEFA have just announced the official squad lists for the knockout rounds of the Champions League. Unsurprisingly, there haves been a few changes on Chelsea's end, reflecting the work done in the January transfer window. Four new players have been registered and three have dropped out -- here're the alterations to our CL squad:

IN: Nathan Ake, Mitchell Beeney, Henrique Hilario, Tomas Kalas.

OUT: Juan Mata, Kevin de Bruyne, Ryan Bertrand.

It's hard to look at that and think that we're taking the Champions League particularly seriously. Our big January signing, Nemanja Matic, is cup-tied, Mohamed Salah is as well and Kurt Zouma can't help on account of playing for St. Etienne. And so we turn to Hilario. God help us.

The thoughtful reader will note that Michael Essien isn't on the outgoings list despite his sale to AC Milan. This is because he did not make the initial Champions League squad, his place taken by Marco van Ginkel. Van Ginkel is now out for the rest of the season with a knee problem.

Don't get me wrong, we still have a good side and I'd expect us to give anyone we face a tough fight (at the very least). It's just a little bit amusing how thin we are depth-wise after January.