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Manchester City vs. Chelsea: Second Half Thread

Laurence Griffiths

All the narrative before the match was about which century Jose will be lifting his tactics from.  Turns out, it's just your run-of-the-mill 4-3-3 counter.  And not even particularly well organized.

David Luiz and Ramires look a bit lost in midfield, especially the latter who seems incapable of deciding whether he's in midfield or right wing.  Now perhaps he needs to be both (one in defense, the other on offense), but so far it's not working ideally.  Being on the wasting end of several excellent counters isn't helping his case.

Fortunately, we've so far survived the City attacks and did eventually make one of our counters count.  No, it was not the 4-v-1 one.  Which, what?  Still don't quite understand how that resulted in Ramires taking the key shot and Willian horribly skying a bicycle kick.  And it wasn't one of the many other 3-v-2s and even number breaks.  Thank you sloppy finishing!

The goal came from an unlikely source in Branislav Ivanovic's LEFT foot.  A rocket nonetheless from just outside the area, after Hazard and Eto'o led the Chelsea counter.

So, despite a bit of shakiness and some sloppy play in all phases, Chelsea are up 1-0.  Time to park all the things?  PARK ALL THE THINGS!

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