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Frank Lampard awarded Everton winner for his 250th career goal

Scott Heavey

John Terry lapped up all the immediate plaudits with much fierce glee, but he could not sway the Premier League's dubious goals panel.  Such spoilsports.

Chelsea 1-0 Everton
Chelsea's goal was a Frank Lampard goal and has not been credited to John Terry.

-source: Premier League

The review panel must have deemed Lampard's curling free kick to be, in fact, on target and Terry's outstretched boot to not have made any actual contact with the ball.  Though it is no doubt that the Captain's presence affected Tim Howard, as all the goalkeeper managed to do was palm the ball straight into the back of his net.  By definition, own goals cannot be awarded for shots on target from the opposition and thus, the credit goes to Lampard.

It's certainly an odd way to score a milestone goal.  It was Super Frank's 250th career goal, 210 of which have come for Chelsea.  He has now reached five Premier League goals in each of his 14 Chelsea seasons.  Combined with his 29 international goals, he continues to add to his legacy as one of the greatest goal-scoring midfielders of all time.

Super Frank, indeed.

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