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Jose Mourinho makes joke, world ends

Sir, this man made a joke! I am horrified by his joke-making!
Sir, this man made a joke! I am horrified by his joke-making!
Julian Finney

It is, I suppose, necessary to comment on the story 'overshadowing' Chelsea's trip to Istanbul. And no, it's nothing about Didier Drogba. You see, Jose Mourinho said something off the record bemoaning his lack of strikers (and joking about Samuel Eto'o's age), and someone -- by design* or not -- captured these remarks and broadcast them to the world.

*I.e. Mourinho noticed the camera and recording crew and decided to have some fun. Which is not really out of the question, is it?

Obviously, Mourinho in private is different to Mourinho in public, who has to be far more diplomatic and serious. But it's not as though complaining about how bad his strikers are is new. Everyone knows he's not happy with Chelsea's lack of firepower, and if he wants to make a joke about the age of African players being hard to verify, that's entirely his prerogative. Nothing he said was controversial unless we're stretching the definition of the word to paper-thin lengths.

In response, Mourinho complained about journalistic ethics:

I think you should be embarrassed as media professionals because by the ethical point of view, I don’t think you are happy your colleague is happy to be able to record a private conversation and to make it public

-Source: ESPN.

As an I-guess-technically-whatever part of the media, I am indeed embarrassed by this story, but that's mostly because I'm embarrassed people care. We have bad strikers. Mourinho made a joke. Ermigawd!

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