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Balotelli remains open to Premier League move, talks up Mourinho friendship

Maybe I wrote this article just to use this picture
Maybe I wrote this article just to use this picture
Claudio Villa

One of the more interesting rumours that's been going around regarding potential centre forward targets for Chelsea is that the club might be interested in chasing former Manchester City man Mario Balotelli. Although a January move didn't happen, it's not hard to envision the striker moving on from AC Milan after their hilarious mess of a season, and... well, Balotelli's definitely leaving the door open:

The Manchester City fans were fantastic with me and when I left, I said that I'd never be able to see myself in England with another shirt than City's. But in football, nothing's impossible.

Source: ESPN.

Well, ok. What about his relationship with former manager Jose Mourinho, rumoured to be somewhat... strained at times?

We both have big personalities and sometimes that caused problems. We respect each other, there is now a healthy friendship.

Hrm. And his habit for doing insane things, both on the pitch and off?

I made mistakes in the past and I have no problem admitting it. I've matured a lot in the past two years and I don't think my conduct's a problem anymore.

That last part is obviously just words, but they're better words than refusing to admit ever doing anything wrong, so at least there's that. I know Balotelli divides opinion amongst basically everyone, but this is one of the world's elite young players, and money aside there aren't too many barriers to Chelsea picking him up, should he be considered worth the risk.

Like I said -- it's interesting.

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