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Rumour: Drogba to make summer return to Stamford Bridge -- as coach

Mitchell Gunn-US PRESSWIRE

Didier Drogba's last touch for Chelsea was a well-struck penalty into the bottom corner to win the 2012 Champions League final. As climactic moments go, that one was pretty good. Why not watch it again? Don't worry, we'll wait:

It's such a good way to go out that I don't really like the idea of him playing for us again (unless it involves winning the Champions League via shootout again, which would be ok, I guess), so when I first heard the rumours linking him to a summer return to the club I was a bit conflicted. Sure, we need strikers, but a Drogba comeback seemed more than a little farfetched.

But instead of returning as a player, the stories turn out to be about Drogba coming back to Stamford Bridge as a coach, helping out with striker development rather than on the pitch. And that makes a great deal more sense. Imagine if Drogba could teach Romelu Lukaku how to best harness his raw strength, for example. And we all know that he'd love to help out behind the scenes, too, so if there's interest on our end I have to imagine he'll consider it. I'm getting giddy already.

Sometimes rumours are fun!

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