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Mourinho talks loanees

Scott Heavey

As you all know, Chelsea have an absolutely freakish number of players on loan at the moment. It's gotten to the point that our loan list has started to look like a Serie A team's, and when you're aping clubs who live in squad rule looney land you know things are a bit surreal.

Anyway, this sort of thing leads to questions, especially when the loanees are doing very well and the first team looks a little bit weak in a certain position that will continue to go unnamed, and the press has taken a break from asking about the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Thibaut Courtois to talk about, well, almost everyone else. How, exactly, is Jose Mourinho tracking and evaluating Chelsea's strange little galaxy of kids?

We have a structure to take care of the day by day control and to monitor the situations. In the next pre-season, we’ll make decisions in relation to these boys. I will have 75 per cent of my players at the World Cup, so I will have 25 days with these guys, every day. Next pre-season is a fantastic time for me to get to know them well and make decisions. It's hard to make the right decisions.

-Jose Mourinho. Source: Get West London.

In other words, expect the loanees to get some intense personal training with Mourinho in June, followed up by all but one or two going out on loan again before the end of summer, and the ones left over to be sold to Wolfsburg mid-season. The future's so predictable sometimes!

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