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Chelsea vs. Everton: You choose the squad

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The Blues will have a chance to avenge an early loss when Roberto Martinez and Everton visit on Saturday

Is that a Swatch?
Is that a Swatch?
Ian Walton

Chelsea start the final third of their Premier League campaign with Everton on Saturday, one of the trickier fixtures remaining on their schedule. A win over Roberto Martinez's side would be a massive result, and should put Chelsea in an excellent position to capitalize on their title rivals' upcoming difficult stretches.

The squad should look fresher than it has recently, as they've been off since last weekend. They'll also be welcoming back John Terry, though David Luiz will miss out with injury.

Looking forward, Chelsea have an important midweek tie in the Champions League before playing Fulham next weekend. Neither Nemanja Matic or Mohamed Salah will be available for the midweek game, which should probably be taken into account when planning for this week's rotation.

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