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One in, one out for Chelsea's match against Everton

Ian Walton

Good news on the injury front -- John Terry will make his return from injury to face Everton at home on Saturday. The skipper had missed three games with a muscle strain he picked up during training, and our record in those matches has been less than stellar. Having him back in the lineup will make life much easier against Lacina Traore et al. And yes, it does sound as though he'll be starting:

Normally Terry's return would lead to us wondering whether it would push David Luiz into midfield alongside Nemanja Matic, but as it turns out, the curly-haired-one will be missing out with a muscle strain of his own. The manager, though, is hopeful that he'll have him back for the Galatasaray game in midweek, so it doesn't sound like too much to worry about long-term.

If we had both Terry and David Luiz out at the same time things would have been slightly more problematic. Those two have impeccable timing, at least.

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