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Another day, another Thibaut Courtois rumour

Marco Luzzani

Apparently the Spanish press is bored of repeating rumours that Thibaut Courtois is heading to either Barcelona or Atletico Madrid (well, I guess 'heading to' isn't really the correct phrasing for Atleti), because they've moved onto a new target: Real Madrid. AS are reporting that Real are trying to hijack Atletico's proposed transfer for the goalkeeper, citing their good relationship with Jose Mourinho as a possible explanation of how and why this deal might be accomplished.

The rumours make some sense from one perspective -- Courtois' future is still in doubt, and one gets the feeling that the Spanish press, having seen him up close and personal for two-and-a-half seasons, is more than a little taken by his talents. But with the sheer volume of reporting that's flying around these supposed transfer negotiations, it almost seems as though the likes of AS and Marca are indulging in some wish-fulfillment here. They love Thibaut Courtois and want him in La Liga, and will print anything and everything related to such ends.

Which is kind of cool, to be honest. We have one of the best goalkeepers in the world out on loan. Granted, it's causing a few headaches, but nobody else has this sort of depth between the posts.

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