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Another day, another Thibaut Courtois wondersave

Marco Luzzani

While most of us were watching the ironic Greek tragedy that was Arsenal getting screwed by their club-record, German signing while playing against other Germany-based opposition, a little further south on the world map, Thibaut Courtois went about his daily business.  Unlike your daily business or my daily business however, his daily business does not involve pushing papers or staring at computer screens in cubicle farms, or delivering mail, or making double lattes.  His daily business involves making wondersaves.

And business is good.


Post-match praise for the 21-year-old (21!) Belgian came from both sides.  His manager - who had spoken many times of his desire to try keep Courtois beyond this season at all cost - called him "fundamental" to their success on the day, while striker Diego Costa is happy hitching his destiny to "one of the best goalkeepers in the world," adding that he feels more "secure" with a wall like that behind him.  Many are hoping that both of these guys will be in Chelsea colors next season; words like that certainly won't dissuade any such notions.

Meanwhile, Andrea Poli, one-time Football Manager favorite and the man at the spurned end of the endlessly repeating Vine you see above simple said "amazing."


And just for good measure, a few minutes earlier, Courtois also prevented Kaka's blast from reaching anything other than the crossbar.  You can see both saves within the first minute of this highlights video:

Amazing, indeed.

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