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Please welcome the newest addition to the Premier League zoo, the chihuahua!

The amount of animal metaphors is just too damn high!

Mike Hewitt

Oh José, would you just look at what you've started.

It used to be nice and simple - proper and dignified, even - with contenders and challengers, upstarts and also-rans, favorites and underdogs. Now, we need a zoological encyclopedia to decode just what's going on at the top of the table. (And let's not even get started on the paper tigers over there in Hull.)

With the little horsie stumbling wearily on the road, the big horse stumbling quietly at home, and the Jaguar failing to start on a cold Wednesday somewhere in Manchester, the sudden aural void has been filled with some rather annoying yipping and yapping. And the sounds are getting ever closer.

"I don't do all that horse stuff."

"Jose is very good at all that sort of stuff. We may be the chihuahuas that run in between the horses' legs. But we're just about improving with each match."

-Brendan Rodgers; source: Mirror

¿Quién quiere Taco Bell?

Chihuahuas are of course known for being evil little ankle-biters, with sharp teeth, bad temperaments, and random mood swings. So does Brendan call his Luis?

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