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Hodgson on Terry: "The door isn't open"

Michael Regan

Newsflash: Roy Hogdson and the FA are still annoyed at John Terry for being mad at them over the Anton Ferdinand incident, and no matter how well he plays nothing is going to change:

The door isn't open because he has retired from international football. When players retire, we move on.

We moved on after our first qualification game, when John Terry limped off, and since that time we have chosen the players who are available, who have represented us well in my opinion, so we will continue with that.

John has retired and as far as I am concerned that is the situation. We have got along without him for the whole of the qualification and a few friendlies as well so we will have to get along without him in the future.

Source: BBC.

It's interesting to see how stubborn everyone involved in this little dispute is. Despite my scorn for international football, representing your country at the World Cup is an enormously important part of a player's career, and I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least some motivation for Terry to get on the plane to Brazil.

England, meanwhile, need Terry far more than he needs them -- Gary Cahill is currently the country's best available defender, and having his (superior) partner alongside him would give the Three Lions the best chance of making a dent on the summer's tournament.

I know putting Terry back in the England setup would be really strange, but at this point you'd have to be insanely stubborn/stupid not to at least put out feelers. Which, yeah, England.

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