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Lukaku's dreaming of Chelsea again

Clive Brunskill

A few months ago, it was looking like we were getting a bit of a Romelu Lukaku problem. The young striker was enjoying life at Everton a bit too much judging by his comments to the press, and it got to the point where Jose Mourinho had to call him out directly in a press conference in order to get him to stop hinting that he would enjoy a more prolonged stay.

Fast-forward to now, and Lukaku's gone back to being the charming young man we came to know during his first two years as a Chelsea player:

When I was seven, my ambition was to get into Anderlecht’s full squad as soon as possible. I managed it at 16. Then I wanted to go to Chelsea. I did but then I didn’t play there. Now it is my absolute ambition to go back there and be their No. 1 striker.

-Source: ESPN.

That's obviously a great sentiment*, but there's a lot of work to be done. Based on his form before he got injured, he might not deserve to be Everton's number one striker, and his early-season goal glut can only take him so far. I'm a big Lukaku fan, but his touch and his finishing need real improvement, even if he reads the game very well. Still, one of his biggest strengths is the effort he puts in to become a better footballer, so I imagine that if he throws everything into being our number one, he'll get there eventually.

*You should read the rest of the interview, because it's good.

Regardless, it's nice to see him back on message. Even if he has a stupid haircut now.

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