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PSG dreaming of 'special' Eden Hazard; can you blame them?

Welcome to Football Manager, French edition.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Pascal Le Segretain

Despite a lackluster 1-1 draw on Sunday away to their only semi-serious competition for the French title, Paris Saint-Germain have nothing better to do than to dream about new players. Hard to blame them, really; one must ways to occupy the mind when playing in such a lopsided league as Ligue 1. Why yes, I will take "Things to do while strolling to a league crown" for 100, Alex. (That's Jeopardy Alex, not free kick Alex.)

In fairness, it's quite normal to stay vigilant and always be on the lookout for ways to improve the squad. After all, the Emenalo-machine at the heart of the Chelsea death star of global domination never sleeps. If Thiago Silva's account of it is to be believed however, PSG go about things in a slightly ... different ... way.

"It is normal that a president discusses transfers with the players."

"When there is a new name in the press, the president discusses it with us."

"Sometimes I speak directly with Zlatan (Ibrahimovic). It's normal to ask ourselves if a player can make us stronger."

-Thiago Silva; source: Sky

Lifted straight out of Internet forums, here's the PSG president's four-step plan for global domination:

  1. Read about a player
  2. Talk to Thiago Silva & Zlatan Ibrahimovic about the player
  3. If they like the player, put player on shortlist and declare interest
  4. Profit.

Absolute genius. Why didn't anyone else think about this before? With all the scouting money PSG save this way, they can probably reduce their FFP-cheating, self-sponsorship moneys by a drastic 0.5%. Victory in Europe!

"He is a player that I love. Technically and tactically, he is very strong."

"All the major players are welcome at Paris. ...we need players like Hazard for this project to win everything in the coming years."

"If he decides to come, the squad will welcome him with open arms, as we have done with all the new recruits."

-Thiago Silva; source: L'Equipe via Inside Futbol

You should see Paris in the spring. Gorgeous! Unfortunately, Mr. Thiago Silva, Hazard's ours and you can't have him. Neener, neener.

Just in case there's any doubt about how highly we rate young Eden, here's what José thinks:

"I think in this moment he's the best young player in the world."

"Neymar is also a fantastic player but this season his season is very up and down - injured, plays, doesn't play, injured again. This season Neymar is not Neymar, but potentially, of course, is also a fantastic player."

"[Hazard] is a fantastic player and we need fantastic players if we want to be strong. I think a team is made of 11 guys, but obviously he is special."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Daily Mail

And if there's anybody who knows a thing or two about being special, it's The Special One.

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