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Jose Mourinho would like to remind everyone that Chelsea are still top of the league

A Special Public Service Announcement.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho's the lead singer of the band.  And when he drops the beat and does his acapellas, he wants you to follow along.

"The good thing is that when we start the game next week against Hull City, if they [the fans] want to sing something, the best song that they can sing is 'We are top of the league'"

The momentum has shifted a bit in favor of Manchester City (winners of four in a row) over the past week.  But Chelsea are still three points ahead, which is better than being three points behind.

"We are top of the league. Nobody did better than us. Everybody would like to be in our position, so we are more than fine, we are better than anybody else."

In a futile attempt to prevent any potential misconstruction of that last sentence, José tried to clarify what he means by "better than anybody else.

"The best? No, I don't say my team is the best, I say that my team is top of the league and in this moment no one has the same points as we have, and so because of that, at this moment we are the best team in the Premier League."

"I'm not saying that we are better than anybody else."

I'm not saying that we are better than anybody else, but we're certainly not worse than anybody else.  Our existence is simply that.  In the act of being, we simply are.  And everybody else is as well.

But only we are top of the league.

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