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Mourinho has no complaints after 'unlucky' defeat

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Chelsea were eventually going to lose, but I doubt that too many fans were expecting it today. Jose Mourinho seems to be taking it in stride though, at least going by his post-match assessment of the performance:

'No complaints. Unlucky. We had a lot of chances to score in the first half, we didn't. In the second half again we had chances, we didn't (score).'

'They defend and the first time they were there (in attack) they score a goal. After that, everybody (got) behind (the ball) against a team that tried everything and a team (in which) every player went to the last seconds.'

'We wanted to play more football but it was not possible because a few things I thought didn't belong any more to top-level football but still belongs - the ball disappeared, the ball doesn't come, another ball comes, the ball boys run away - these kind of situations that unfortunately are still part of the game. But no complaints.'

All in all, that seems to be a pretty fair assessment of the game. I don't know how much I'd complain about excessive time-wasting given that six minutes were added on, but I'd be fine with seeing the FA take a closer look at it anyway, as the disappearing balls late on were more than a little irritating for fans.

Regardless, Chelsea need to take their chances going forward if they want to avoid results like this.

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