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FIFA 15 commercial features Eden Hazard, Lionel Messi, and Christmas miracles

They often say Christmas is a magical time of year. Sure, it's easy to be cynical nowadays about the ever creeping commercialization of the thing -- to wit, we're talking here about a (lavishly produced and probably quite expensive) advertisement for a video game -- but somewhere buried deep down inside, it's still mostly about giving joy and spending time with loved ones. Which is usually magical enough. And then you get to open some presents and eat some good food and watch football! But anyway, here are two of the biggest global stars of football being very bad actors and battling it out for FIFA 15 supremacy.

There are all sorts of magical things happening in the 40-second ad. There are talking pillows with blue-nosed reindeers, talking gingerbread men with gumdrop buttons, talking (and badly edited*) cupcakes, scary singing nutcrackers, etc. But EA saves the biggest miracle of it all for the end: Lionel Messi scoring against Chelsea. Though in fairness, it's Lionel Messi controlling Lionel Messi. It's Lionel Messi squared! So in order to score against Chelsea, Lionel Messi needed to multiply himself by himself.

Sounds about right.

* the opening sequence goes Hazard - Messi stretch - Messi - cupcakes - Messi - gingerbread - Messi wink. Which would imply that the blue-white cupcakes are in Messi's house. But later we find out they're in Hazard's house ("fist"-bump). SO confusing!

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