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Mourinho gets bored of bad questions at press conference

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

It's more than a little bit amazing that the media loves Jose Mourinho so much considering his naked contempt for them at almost all times. When Andre Villas-Boas tried that he was promptly bundled off to a gallows and hanged with prejudice, which in retrospect is far more amusing than it was at the time, but Mourinho seems to have carte blanche to say whatever he likes whenever he likes it.

And so we come to today's press conference:

That's a Mourinho classic. We have other media-hating managers, of course, but none wield their words with the deft precision that Mourinho does. Where Louis van Gaal swings a crude club, the Portuguese darts in with a rapier. This is not 'your question is stupid'; this is 'you are beneath me but I have to be here anyway. Please stop talking'.

Perfect. And I say this in full awareness that Mourinho probably thinks I'm an idiot too.

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