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Pardew states the blindingly obvious before Newcastle's clash with Chelsea

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew's reputation wobbles fairly consistently between 'the man's an idiot, what is he doing?' and 'the man's an idiot, how is he doing this well?!'*, but for me his most amusing trait is his tendency towards framing utterly inane answers as some sort of deep truth.

*This is kind of unfair in my opinion -- it's as though someone's decided to blame him for everything that goes wrong but nothing that goes right. But nobody asked me.

Since Newcastle are playing hitherto invincible Chelsea this weekend, the Magpies boss was asked the standard question, and gave an amusingly Pardewy answer.

I think it's difficult - obviously Arsenal have done it and Chelsea have come pretty close before. But not in all competitions - that is impossible and I think Jose has admitted that. But they're making a very good job of it at the moment. It's the best Chelsea team that I've ever seen and I've watched them since I was about 12 so I know them pretty well.

Source: Mail.

Based on years of Alan Pardew watching them, Chelsea are quite good but are not going to go unbeaten for a full calendar year in all competitions. CALL THE PRESSES AND INSTRUCT THEM TO CEASE PRESSING. ALAN PARDEW HAS PROPHESIED THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME.

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