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BT Sport aim their banter cannon at Chelsea fans in latest advertisement

We shall insult you into watching our channel!

BT Sport are the new kids on the block when it comes to TV broadcasting rights in the UK, and one of the things they've been doing this season to stand out are really well produced, attention-grabbing advertisements. Helped in part by their luck in picking games last season -- a fair percentage of which gave us a ton of drama (often at the expense of Arsenal) -- their series of summer ads for example were classic. Y'all might remember the one based on the 6-0 in Wenger's 1000th game, which included a case of mistaken identity as well.

I'm sure Arsenal fans weren't too keen on that video, and I personally didn't think the Rio and Bale bits were necessary at all, but the point was to advertise the complete shocker of a result. Watch football on BT because you never know what craziness might happen next! They did similar ads for Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal, City 2-1 Liverpool, Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool (FA Cup) -- and one that covered multiple others -- all games that were shown on BT Sport last season of course. Most importantly, none of those ads were made with the express purpose of making fun of any one specific set of fans.

Fast forward to Christmas, and a new round of ads, featuring carol singers doing football chants instead of Christmas songs. The full commercial, seen at the top, sells this idea well, and while it's not my favorite ad ever, it's bearable in small doses. Now somebody had the bright idea to rip out parts of the full-length ad and run it for individual games. Here's the one for Spurs vs. Chelsea coming up on New Year's Day.

Hardy har har. Such originality. A positive message for all young kids out there. Bantersaurus Rex at the BT Sport controls stepping up his banter game to keep up with the rest of the Banternet and Bantwitter.

So that's pretty dumb -- can't wait to tune to this welcoming channel to watch my currently non-sh*t Chelsea play -- but here's the actual funny part. Even when we were "sh*t" (and apparently nobody was watching), the one thing you could almost always count on was beating Spurs. And not just at Stamford Bridge, where Spurs haven't won in a quarter century. Since losing 1-0 in 1987 -- i.e. 5 years BeforePL, alternatively known as when hardly anybody outside of England actually cared (or could care) about the English game -- Chelsea have lost just three league matches at White Hart Three Point Lane. Ironically, they've all come in the last decade (2006, 2009, 2010) -- i.e. since we've been "not sh*t" according to the word on the street.

So, where were you when we were sh*t, specifically as it pertains to a match against Spurs? I suspect most of us had not been born or were too young to form useful, coherent thoughts. A match against Spurs is just about the worst time to trot out this line, BT Sport. I know, I know ... it was just a bit of banty bantz bantidisestablishmentarianism banter anyway.

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