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Mourinho goes on the counter-attack after Fabregas is booked for a "dive"

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After Cesc Fabregas was ridiculously booked for diving after being tripped in the Southampton penalty box, it was obvious that the subject would come up in Jose Mourinho's post match press conference. It did, and the boss went as far as to suggest that there's additional pressure being put on referees in charge of Chelsea matches recently:

"In other countries this is front-page news because it's an absolute scandal. The media, the commentators, the other managers, they are all doing it."

Of late, there's been a ton of talk in the media about the propensity of some Blues' players to go down too easily, and many of us were worried that some bad decisions might be coming as a result. Unfortunately, today has presented Jose the perfect opportunity to go on the counter attack, as the Blues probably dropped two points when the referee botched the biggest call of the match.

Fabregas being booked today was laughable, as not only was it fairly obvious that he didn't dive, but replays confirm that he definitely should have been awarded a penalty. It's hard to believe that recent incidents didn't play a part in that decision, and Mourinho making as much noise as possible now that Chelsea were wronged is probably the right thing for the manager to do.

With any luck, the diving story will now be just about played out, and things will get back to business as usual for the Blues. It's just a shame that Chelsea may well have dropped points because of it.

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