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Mourinho confirms John Terry contract extension a mere 'formality'

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Keeping his eye on the ball...
Keeping his eye on the ball...
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Thanks to our apparent policy of giving only one-year contracts to players over 30, it'll soon be time for John Terry to sign yet another extension.  And with the captain in tremendous form still at age 34, it's more of a question of 'when' rather than 'if.'

"There are no doubts that he is going to get another contract.  I know that, he knows that. We in the club, in the board, we all know that and I think, also, you have to feel that.  Without us confirming anything you have to feel that. He's a very important player in the team so the next contract, sooner or later, will come. It's a formality."

-source: Jose Mourinho; source: FourFourTwo

After taking a small pay-cut last spring, Terry's having arguably his best season of recent years, turning back the clock to once again approach the heights of Mourinho's first reign.  The manager agrees:

"He's full of confidence. I see my John of 2004, 2005, 2006. I see him back. The only difference is when I see his twins at the training ground. They were born in that period, but now they are there running around and kicking balls. In him, there is no difference."

-source: Jose Mourinho; source: Telegraph

May it long continue.

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