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Goodbye and good luck, Fernando

David Ramos/Getty Images

So. Fernando Torres is gone. Or near-enough gone, anyway. He leaves the club for good on January 5th and, with any luck, we'll never encounter him again. The announcement comes as less of a surprise than it might have done before he was shipped off on a two-year loan, but it still represents the end of an almost four-year spell in which he was a Blue.

Obviously, Torres wasn't very good for Chelsea. The big misses and inept displays are seared onto my memory to the point I'll probably need counseling for them at some point, and that we're rid of our most expensive-ever signing is undoubtedly a good thing. He was probably the worst transfer in Premier League history, and we got lucky to escape from his deal when we did.

But, when we look back on his time at Stamford Bridge, Torres won't be remembered for the lows. They're obviously there, in the background, but what first comes to mind is ... this:

And then maybe this:

And maybe:

It's been a strange run, Fernando, but there were definitely some moments I was glad to share. Goodbye. And good luck.

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